Saturday, March 25, 2006

Get good deals for printer toner and ink-jet cartridges at inkers

Toner and Inkjet cartridges can be expansive. It can cost almost as much as a new printer. So shopping around for the best deal for your replacement catridges is always a good idea.

Inkers claims to order their replacement cartridges in bulk, and therefore get better pricing which they offer some aggressive pricing for you. You can shop online for the replacement inkjet or toner cartridge for your printer, fax machine or copier at Inkers in the convenience of your home with just a few simple clicks.

Further, if you place your orders in bulk, you can get discount. See details at Big Bucks

Another thing about Inkers is that if the cartridge you ordered does not work, or you changed your mind within 30 days, and the package is unopened, you can request for a refund at Inkers Guarantee, and they will pick it up at your place at their own expense, and give you a replacement or a refund. And that is valid for 1 full year. Where else can you get a deal like this?

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