Thursday, November 23, 2006

How to migrate a classic template to a beta template

Answering a reader of my blogs on how to revert from a classic template to a beta template:

Background: There are currently 2 versions of Blogger - the old Blogger (classic) and the new Blogger (previously beta). Bloggers who have been using the Blogger classic platform and have migrated to the new Blogger platform will still be using the classic template and will not have the new features of the new Blogger until they migrate their classic template to the new Blogger template. To migrate to the new Blogger template:

Sign into Dashboard
Click TEMPLATE in the extreme right of the relevant blog in the list of blogs
Click Upgrade your template
Pick new template
When satisfied, click SAVE TEMPLATE
See screenshot below (click screenshot to enlarge):

Reverting from Blogger classic template to beta template

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