Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Free pixels ads for Bloggers

Learned about Button Generator from a search for "free button generator" because I needed to generate a button for Free Blog Pixel. The button I generated looks like this:

Dummies Guide to Google Blogger button

The reason why I wanted the button was because this site Free pixels ads for Bloggers offer free and paid hyperlink image ads for free (limited to 60x20 pixels) and paid pixels space. When I tried to put the above button, the text in the button was unreadable, so I had to redo the buttons. The revised buttons for this blog is posted below:

Guide to Blogger

It isn't what I want, but for a free pixel advertisement, I have to be satisfied with what I can get. And for the privilage of using the free button generator and the free pixel advertisement, I have to publish the image links below:


Free Pixel Advertisement for your blog

1 comment:

Elsie said...

Thank you for this one!!! I am going to try it this weekend. Wanted a button creator for a long time now.

You really are my number 1 teacher in blogland.