Sunday, January 18, 2009

Customizing with favicon (favorite icon)

All blogs using the standard Blogger template will have a little icon standard Blogger favicon in the address bar and also in the browser tab. The icon in the shape of a b for Blogger is the same for all blogs using the Blogger platform. That little icon is called a favicon which is short for favorite icon.

You can easily customize your blog to have your own favicon like I have done for mine where I use my profile photo as my own favicon to replace the Blogger standard favicon (see screen shot below):

Peter Chen favicon

If you want to have your own favicon for your blog, please refer to free favicon generator and host. If you have installed it using the instructions the but one fine day find it missing, refer to fix for "missing" favicon

Rather than doing a new post, I thought I would just refer you to posts I have already published rather than inventing the wheel. However, if you find the instructions I gave in the 2 posts above, please leave a comment and I will redo this whole article.


Faiz-Hamdan said...

Hai there thankz for the favicon i just apply it about minutes ago. It sure look good haha:) BTW have visit my blog? I need some readers on my blog if you have any readers that need help on my related topic plz kindly give them my website URL. I have update your URL to mine see it yourself

~P~ said...

I've been using my own favicon for months now (thanks to your aid) however, I can not seem to get it to show up on OTHER BLOG's blogrolls.

On MY blog's blogroll, many of the other blog's favicons are represented (some, however, are not).

MY favicon doesn't show on other's blogs (even if some other blog's icons DO).
All that shows up for mine is the blogger "B" standard icon.

Any help with this?
DO I need to place the favicon ico html somewhere special to achieve this out-bound status?


Sanctum Sanctorum Comix

Peter @ Enviroman said...

I am sorry, this is the first time I heard that favicon can be seen in blogroll. Please explain this further with a URL or screen shot

~P~ said...

Just go to my blog:

Then, scroll down until you pass my Amazon sales widgets.

Just below the widgets are my various blogrolls.

You'll see that SOME of them have their favicon present and others only have the standard blogger "B" icon.

Thanks for ANY help you may provide.


Kristy Montgomery said...

I read that I'm supposed to upload my favicon to my website before I paste the code into my template. How do I do that?

Peter @ Enviroman said...

Yes you have to upload a .ico file to a webhost that accepts .ico files and one of them is Free favicon generator and host.