Friday, February 13, 2009

Video tutorial: How to use Mobile Blogging

Transcript of Video Tutorial: How to use Mobile Blogging

Have you ever wanted to post to your blog, but you weren't nearby a computer? Well, with Blogger For Mobile, you can now post to your blog with the cell phone from anywhere in the world. It is very simple. All you need is any type of cell phone with text or media messaging capability. Any smart phone or regular phone will do. In this video, we will show how you can post to your blog using an iPhone. There are 2 ways you can post to your blog from any cell phone.

First way is write a post with a text message from your phone. If you live in the US, you can send your text message to B L O G G E R or in numerical terms, that is 256-447. Next, write your post. Please note that every 150 characters count as a separate text message and standard text message rates will apply. Once you finished writing your post, click SEND. After you send your post, you will receive a response from Blogger within a few minutes with your new MOBILE BLOG URL and the claim token.

The second way to post to your from your phone is to take a picture from your phone and send a picture message as a MMS or email to, and your iPhone will send it as an email. Select EMAIL PHOTO, type in into the TO field and subject if you like, or just a click SEND. A few minutes after you send your message, you will receive a response from Blogger with a claim token and your Mobile Blog URL.

Once you receive your claim token, go to You can then enter your CLAIM TOKEN in the text box. Also, enter the required captcha and click CONTINUE. If you are already logged in your Blogger account, click CONTINUE AS THIS USER. Otherwise, you can sign into your Blogger account and continue. You will then have the option to associate your mobile post with one of your existing blogs. If you rather create a brand new blog, then scroll down and click CONTINUE. You will then be able to change the title and URL of your new Mobile Blog. Enter a title and the desired URL into the text boxes and click CONTINUE. Next, select your favorite template for your Mobile Blog. That's it, you have created a Mobile Blog. Now everytime you send a mobile post from your cell phone, it will automatically post to your Mobile Blog. Go have fun mobile blogging.


roshni said...

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DragonPhly said...

You might add in a note about using the secret word email address method for sending in pictures from your phone.

Also, it appears that if you use a yahoo account to send the emails, the pics won't post, but if you send it using a gmail account from your phone, all is well.

Took me forever to figure this out on an iphone, kudos to for posting this info :-)

Rachel Anne said...

Thanks for taking the video down, I REALLY very appreciate it.

post it back up please.