Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Want hard copy of your blog? Here are some ways of getting them printed

It is environmentally friendly to have just digital versions of your blogs. But some bloggers may like hard copies of their blogs for remembrance or for other reasons, and here are two ways of doing them:

Backing up your blog and printing them as WORD or PDF files

Backing up your blog is something wise to do irrespective of whether you want to print your blog on paper or not. This post How to backup your blog will show you various methods of doing that. If you use BlogCollector to backup your blog, you will be able to print the whole blog either as a WORD document or a PDF file.

Adding "Print this" option for a page of your blog

The above will print the whole blog. This post Adding "Print This" option to print a page of your blog will show you how to add a "button" to enable you or your blog visitor to just print a page of your blog.

Printing supplies

Your printer will come with the ink or toner cartridge to enable you to print immediately on installation. But obviously, there will be a time when you run out of ink or toner. That is the time you need to purchase ink or toner cartridge. Inkers is a site where you can purchase online compatible (generic) ink, inkjet cartridges, toner, toner cartridges provided for your printer, copier, multifunction or fax machine. This seems to be a cost effective alternative to the high cost of brand name toner and inkjet cartridges. They offer the convenience of free shipping (ground delivery) for continental US. You can chose faster way of delivery, but you will have to pay for it.

They also have a Inkers Guarantee which says they give a full year guarantee against non-working catridges, plus if you change your mind and have not opened the package, they will refund your money in fulL! And if you want to save some more money, they have a "BucksBigBucks rebates for bulk purchase.


Kay Dennison said...

Something new here I found -- Walgreen's will refill your printer for $10-$15 dollars now! Saves fuss!

BroadviewInnovations said...

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