Monday, July 23, 2007

Labels List: What it is and how to make use of it

The content of this post has been transferred to Lable List: What it is and how to make use of it. This is because there was a mistake in the post URL (permalink). I don't want to delete this post because there are links to this post in comments, other posts and for a significant period of time, probably in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). I don't want any of those links become dead links that will lead to a 404 Page not found error message.


قليل من التفكير said...

Thank you very much Mr. Peter

tobsen said...

Too bad that I have to move to to use that feature. If I "ftp-host" via those features are not available :-(

Peter Chen said...

Hi Tobsen,

I use for all my blogs and am very happy with it. It doesn't trouble me and I am particlularly happy I don't need to bother with registration and renewals. However, if you a are bothered by, you can always register your domain (or use your existing one if you already have it) and use custom domain, but let Blogger host the blog for you. Then you can use the Label List feature.

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
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Agasthiyan said...

That was a very useful post. Though I have been blogging for sometime, I am still a newbie, still learning by trial and error. Thank you Mr. Peter

Toums said...

Hi Peter,
I've chosen to host my blog site but I realize that I cannot use the Label list, poll and stuff like that. Can I go back to Blogger hosting the blog without loosing anything and keep my .com address?

Peter Chen said...

Hi toums,

If you host your own and use FTP to published you will NEVER be able to use the New Blogger templates. I have no experience with custom domains as I am a cheapskate, don't want to bother with renewals, hope to have my blogs still on the web even when I am not around to renew my domain.

Anyway I have asked about if I use custom domain, can I go back to blogspot and the answer is yes (official). I suppose from there you can go back to custom domain (that mean you can still use your .com address but get Blogger to host the blog for you. In this case, you can use New Blogger template and that means Label List in the sidebar.

However, remember I am not talking from personal experience, but am fairly confident in the accuracy of my answer. Only thing is, maybe there is a way to go straight to hosting with Blogger without having to go back to

I would suggest you pose your problem to Google Blogger Help group and ask. I would appreciate feedback from you when you have succeeded in doing what you want to do. You can copy-paste the URL of this post into Notepad and save it for reference, and then come back to comment, or you can comment in any of my blogs/posts to leave your feedback.

Peter (Blog*Star)
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(no one should feel obligated. Everthing completely voluntary)

Toums said...

Thanks for your answer and advice Peter. I'll let you know how things turn out.

Administrator2 said...

I have another question about labels:
I want something like this -
a picture at the top left, that changes into a specific picture, when somebody clicks on an specific label.

(i'm afraid my english isn't to good, so here's an example,
on my main page would be a picture of a star at the top left, and when i click on the label "books" the star dissappears an is replaced by a picture of a book)

is this possible??

Peter Chen said...

Hi Administrator2,

Sorry for late reply, but did not receive email notification. I am afraid I know of no way of doing what you are asking.

Peter Blog*Star
Blogger Tips and Tricks

eva said...

hi. was nice coming to your page, im a new blogger and its been fun having to do this. Thanks a lot. You post on labels really helped. ve been wanting to do that for sometime now, just didnt know how. Here's my blog,
check it out please and tell me what i need to improve on. Thanks

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