Sunday, September 30, 2007

A computer is the bare necessity for blogging

Yes, a computer is the bare necessity for blogging, only thing is, I forgot to add the need for a modem, for you need to be connected to the Internet, even if only for brief periods if you do most of your preparations offline. However, with the possibility of publishing via mobile phone, perhaps the title is a bit inaccurate, but it is true for the majority of us.

So if you plan to start blogging, get a computer (plus a modem and subscription for dial-up or broadband access to the Internet), even if only a very basic one. If you already have one, it may start giving problems (like what my son is experiencing now) or you may need to upgrade (like me who no currently have 4 browsers (one in 2 windows) and many tabs opened simultaneously, plus 31 Notepad files, 4 Excel files, Irfanview photo editor, Paint (comes with Windows) and a calculator. I have just upgraded to a dual core processor computer with a wide LCD screen and I no longer faced the problems of programs hanging, etc which I experienced with the old computer).

I need to clip back the webcam onto the new wide screen LCD monitor to enable me to make video to upload to Youtube, then embed into my posts. You may need something like this too, or maybe even a webcam to take outdoor videos to embed into your posts.

Whatever it is, Coupon Chief says they can help you save some money when you need to purchase tools you need for blogging or whatever other things you may need for your daily life. Let us look at what they have for computers and accessories. On their home page and most of their other pages, there is a left sidebar with 2 sections - "Coupons by Store" and "..By Category". I can see Dell Home, Computers and Software and Wireless and Internet there.

If you are the bargain hunter type, you can try your luck at Best Buy. I saw some printers, laptops, scanners, digital cameras, graphic cards, flash drives, computer accessories with Personal Computer or Personal Computer packages, camcorders, monitors, etc. That sure is a long list. I am sure this is a dynamic page, and when you visit that site, you may see something different, perhaps a gem of a bargain.

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