Sunday, December 16, 2007

Backup Page Elements (now called Gadgets): How?

Update: Page Element is now called Gadget.

The upgraded New Blogger (or just plain Blogger) is a big improvement over the old classic Blogger. There is an importance difference you should know between the two:

Backup old classic Blogger templates

Refer to How to backup old classic Blogger template. When you backup the old classic Blogger template, you backup everything that is in it, including any customizations like adding a

visitor counter

Google Adsense products like Google ads (advertisments), search box, referral text or button links

blogrolls which is the name many bloggers use for a list of links to other websites and what the New Blogger calls a Link List, etc.

Backup New Blogger templates PLUS Page Elements

Backing up New Blogger in some ways has been made very much simpler now, especially for those not familiar with things like HTML, CSS, Blogger tags and instructions are at Backup New Blogger template PLUS Page Elements (click BACK button to get back to this page). However, the "backup Page Elements" was not described in details sufficiently, so rather than making an update, I thought it better to publish a separate posts.

Why is it important to backup Page Elements for New Blogger

When you change to a new template, you will often get a warning message that some widgets (Page Elements) will be deleted. If you proceed, you will lose those customizations you did via the Page Elements. However, if had backed up the Page Elements, you can easily put them back again as they will still be in the LAYOUT. This is one small disadvantage of the New Blogger as compared with backing up old classic templates where all the customizations you made are saved and you would not lose anything when you need to put back your back up template.

How to back up Page Elements and what Page Elements can be backed up

Not all Page Elements can be backed up. Some like the Link List, Profile, Archives, cannot be backed up. However, for Profile and Archives, even without backing them up, you can still put them back again even if there were deleted. This is not so for the Link List, which once gone is gone forever. You will have to redo the whole thing from scratch.

Other Page Elements, particularly HTML/Javascript Page Elements can very easily be backed up. All you need to do is to edit the Page Element, copy-paste the content into a Notepad file, save the file in the same folder where you save your backup template. Use a file name that tells you exactly what the Page Element is all about. Make full use of the possibility to use long file names (this wasn't possible in the bad old days).

How to backup "Link List"

You can use the HTML/Javascript to make your "Link List" or what many call "blogroll". Refer to the bottom part of What a grateful blogger did for me without asking. If that is not clear, feel free to leave a comment and I will try to help although now I may be a bit slow in responding because of having too many things to do.


Jhaynee said...


how do i add a page to my blog without having to sign up for anothre blog.. in wordpress, their is a feature where you can add pages to your blog.. hope i can do it in blogspot too.. or else i have to transfer..


Sandie said...

Thank you for your earlier advice.

Hopefully my blog will be restored.

I have made a back up copy of the template.

However, when I try to back up the Page Elements, I cannot access the page - I get the following error code -

I very much appreciate your time in helping me

Peter said...

Hi Sandie,

Error codes can't tell us much. With time, you may not get the error code anymore. You may also want to try using different browser. I have many different browsers.

Peter Blog*Star
Blogger FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
(Blogger FAQ in progress. More will be added as I have the time)

Yash said...

Although you are very good at teaching dummies, but as i am new to html world, so i want you to explain me this more, as i can not get how to take back up of each page element within.

Peter said...

Sorry, don't understand your question. If you are asking how to put back the Page Elements (now called gadgets) after changing template, well, if it is a HTML/Javascript Page Element, just open another HTML Page Element and paste it back.

Pole said...

I've backed up some of my Page Elements, the ones which had actual HTML or Java Scripts at least anyway. To backup my blogroll and Other Websites though is a little more tricky as there is no code to copy and paste into notePad. I looked at the article you suggested but I'm afraid it was not of much help and unclear as to what to do.
Hope you can help.
Also, I presume that the AdSense, profile and Blog Archive posts will all still be kept when importing a new template, right?


Peter said...

For Pole,

It is mainly HTML/Javascript Page Elements which can be backed up. Blogroll can only be backed up if you use a HTML/Javascript and create your own blogroll using s list of active hyperlinks

Profiles and archives do not need backup as you can add it back from LAYOUT itself.

Dcjaxn said...

Hey! I have know idea hoow to get back my page element. Now noone can veiw my profile. I need help.

Peter said...

No sweat. Profile don't need to be backed up. Just go to LAYOUT and click ADD A GADGET and add a Profile gadget (see List of Blogger gadgets

Anonymous said...

you are the best!!!!!! worked great!