Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Custom domain set up: Video instructions

The video below shows how you get set up a custom domain which will be your own domain (property) and not a sub-domain (and property of Blogger) of

I initially registered some domains from Godaddy but that took me so long to start because I want to make sure all related URL's, that is both the URL's that have www and minus www will go to the same custom domain page. Found out later that is going to be a torturous process and kept putting off the Herculean task until I discovered the method described in the video below:

Hopefully, when I get the time, I will do a transcript and maybe even a few screen shot so you don't need to refer to the vidwo each time you forget a step.

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Willie said...

Hi very helpful site i bought a domain through godaddy and wanted to put my blog on it, i followed all the instructions from blogger but my domain is still parked on godaddy. Should i just wait a few days to see if it goes through? or should it happen within a few hours??