Friday, July 03, 2009

Copyright free content for blogs

Free articles for your blog

A few days ago I received an email alerting me of the existence of Article Alley which provides, while not exactly copyright free articles, free articles that you can republish in your blog. This was exactly what I want as I need a demo blog for a multi-columns template, namely Good Computer Software.

Although Article Alley did not specifically stated the conditions under which their articles can be republished, generally such content provider do require active links to their website as well as to the author.

Now Article Alley has conveniently provided a republish button Article Alley republish button which when clicked upon lead to a page where you can copy-paste the article as HTML or plain TEXT. Now assuming that Article Alley do require clickable links, if you use their plain text, you will probably have to type in the relevant HTML to make those required links active.

If you chose to use the HTML version, here are a few points you should take careful note of. Their HTML was created for normal websites and thus will contain codes that are not necessary for blogs. Let me elaborate. The HTML version for <
begins with

<title>Search Engine Optimization - The Key To Achieve Online Success</title>

<h1>Search Engine Optimization - The Key To Achieve Online Success</h1>
<div class="info">.......

Those first few lines in green are superfluous and should be left out. Start copy-paste from the line

The ending lines of the codes for republishing are:

<div class="source">Article Source: <a href=""></a></div>
<div class="author">
<div class="authorBio"></div>

The last 2 lines in blue are also superfluous and should be left out.

Now there is one glaring mistake. The closing tag (in red) </author> is a mistake and should be replaced with </div>

I have republished from Article Alley: How to control cookies in Internet Explorer 6 at a demostration blog Good Computer Software: How to control cookies in Internet Explorer 6. Note the huge blank space between paragraphs. This is because Article Alley have included line break tags <br /> which caused the large blank spaces. What I did was to delete the line break tags and separated the paragraphs by clicking the return key to create a single line break.

To demonstrate, I have republished another article from Article Alley: Why is keeping the computer's registry clean is so important at Good Computer Software: Why is keeping the computer's registry clean is so important. Note that there are no large breaks between paragraphs. The paragraphs are all separated by a single line break.

Search Engine Optimization, PageRank and backlinks

If you value traffic to your blog, you would pay attention to getting backlinks (inbound links) from other blogs or websites to your blog for SEO (search engine optimization) and Google PageRank. One of the ways to get many backlinks is to submit articles to article directories like Article Alley.


adrin said...

Yeah......its good to know that you have published another persons article in your blog. Its really great for all of you.

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thx peter, its really help me to got a free contents, cos i'm newbie

Chris Hecker said...

Thanks for the informative article. I will certainly check Article City out. Ezine Articles is another great place for free content for your blog or website. Ezine Articles has an Ezine Publisher button at the top right of all articles for an HTML and plain text version of the article to publish. Many bloggers, webmasters, and article marketers have told me that Ezine Articles is the best article directory out their. Thanks again for the great post.

vicky said...

i want free content for my blog pls provide exact steps to put free text content in blog

qing.qureshi said...

Wow . .
I am found of you to know that you have done a good deed for someone others article. I really am.
Anyway very interesting and informative blog.
I was just wondering and found these Free Articles . Really great information just check this out.
Bub bye.

Peter @ Enviroman said...

For Vicky, sorry for responding to your comment late as I did not receive the comment moderation email. Regarding posting free content, it is best to get such content from article directory such as Search for the article you want then click PUBLISH which will then give you the HTML code. Ignore the part <title> part and the <body> part and then paste the code into the post editor in the Edit HTML mode