Friday, July 03, 2009

Create or edit Blogger Profile

One of the feature of a blog is the blogger profile which is usually displayed in the sidebar if you choose to display the profile. When you first created your Blogger account, you would have chosen a display name and this will be reflected in the profile which will have minimal information.

If you want to edit your profile, first sign into your Blogger account to get to the Dashboard. At the top left, you will see a link EDIT PROFILE (see screen shot below):

edit Blogger profile

Click on EDIT PROFILE and you will be taken to the profile editor where you can edit whatever you want to be displayed in your profile.

If you want your profile to be displayed in any blog, click on the LAYOUT tab and select the PROFILE gadget.


adrin said...

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Brian and Mary Smith said...

How do I change "View my complete profile" to "View our complete profile"?