Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Blogging, exercise and healthy hobby

It has been a good 5 years since I started blogging and I must say blogging and the Internet has brought me tremendous benefits and much joy to the extend that I had neglected the need to exercise and my health. That is, until I got a scare. The doctor said my blood pressure was 150/90 and wanted to put me on medicine. I told the doctor, if I start those hypertension medicine, I will have to take them for life. I wanted to try exercise and diet. I am pleased to report that at my last visit to that doctor, he told me I am not only OK but he would not even consider my case as pre-hypertension.

Well folks, do take note, do take care of your health, and do exercise and not be extreme and blog till ill health visiy you. You should read about my "conversation" with grandson regarding exercise and a wise commentator said, "Go buy the Shorts grand dad."

Well, I not only bought plenty of shorts, I also bought sport shoes and wondering if I should consider trial running shoes. I have also started exercising with exercise machines at the gym.

However, to be really healthy physically and mentally, one should also consider having more hobbies such as hiking, camping, etc. I have a couple of sleeping bags and used to have a tent for camping and enjoy the outdoor fun

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