Thursday, January 28, 2010

Young bloggers and online tuition

There are young bloggers who are still in schools and colleges. Now blogging and the Internet can be a very addictive activity which can steal much of their productive time and I sure hope none of them will go down the route I went when neglected exercise and my health when I became a blogging and Internet addict.

Young bloggers need to pay attention to their school and college work and some may want to consider further getting some form of homework help. The current generation are much more fortunate than us who have gone through that phase very much earlier when the Internet nor the computer haven't even been invented yet. Now with the ubiquitous Internet, tuition online is at the tip of their fingers which they can get without getting out from their home.

I believe that I probably wouldn't be too off the mark if I guess that the areas that most students need help with is probably math and algebra as these can involve very abstract ideas which takes time to absorb and comprehend.

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Sock Yee said...

What is more worrying is the level of plagiarism especially for kids doing their homeworks. Things are more different nowadays and in fact whatever you need is at your fingertips. The good and ugly side of the Internet.

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