Tuesday, January 11, 2011

QR Code Address Plaques for your blog

How would you like an address plaque for your blog, perhaps like the one below with the URL of this book:

address plaque for Blogger Book URL

However, note that if a visitor wants to go to the website addressed by that URL www.blogger-book.com, he would have to type it out. Too much hassle for the average visitor who would probably be too lazy to type the URL. But what if you can have a hard (print) copy hyperlink?

Now with this QR (Quick Response) Code which is pretty much like a hard copy hyperlink getting popular, one can actually have address plaques which are clickable hyperlinks like the one below with a QR Code printed on it:

Address Plaque with QR Code

If you have an Internet enabled mobile device with a camera, try first downloading and installing a QR Code Reader Apps like this popular Kaywa Reader, take a photo of the above QR Code address sign and bingo, you will be taken to this blog. Neat eh?

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ashappee said...

Aku adalah pendatang baru di dunia Blogg .-kenapa saya tidak dapat mengakses Blogg saya melalui Dasbor(dari Http://lapanchu-fajri.blogspot.com)